The Loveliness of Christ

Author Dane Ortlund offers a rich and compelling invitation to beauty and loveliness of the Savior. 

He writes: Let Jesus draw you in through the loveliness of his heart. This is a heart that upbraids the impenitent with all the harshness that is appropriate, yet embraces the penitent with more openness that we are able to feel. It is a heart that walks us into the bright meadow of the felt love of God. It is a heart that drew the despised and forsaken to his feet in self-abandoning hope. It is a heart of perfect balance and proportion, never overreacting, never excusing, never lashing out. It is a heart that throbs with desire for the destitute. It is a heart that floods the suffering with the deep solace of shared solidarity in that suffering. It is a heart that is gentle and lowly. 

I’m reminded of a line in the song performed by Meredith Andrews “How great is the love of our Savior!” 


Ortlund's book is "Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers" published by Crossway Books.

Knowing Christ

To know anyone, you must spend time with them. So it is with our Lord Jesus Christ. If you want to know Him, you must read and study the Scriptures and other works, too. More has been written about Christ than any other man who ever lived. 

Puritan author John Flavel wrote the following in his book The Fountain of Life: "The truths discovered in Christ are the secrets that from eternity lay hid in the bosom of God. Studying Christ stamps a heavenly glory upon the contemplating soul. How little do we know of Christ, in comparison with what we might have known! O, how much time is spent in other studies and worldly employments; but how little in the search and study of Jesus Christ! O then, separate, devote, and wholly give yourself, your time, and your strength to this most sweet, transcendent study."

Points to Ponder

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